AppMap Auto-configuration

A Ruby script that automatically adds the required dependencies to your Ruby project so you can begin AppMapping right away. Check out an example of using this script with the appmap-ruby client and appland-cli tool to map and visualize a project from scratch in just a few minutes.

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Components used

This project is used in conjunction with the appmap-ruby client, which is available in the open source appmap-ruby repository.


This script streamlines the process of preparing a Ruby project for AppMapping. Normally the appmap.yml and other dependencies are added manually, see here, but this script automates most of it allowing you to visualize your project ASAP.

Data sources

The example shown maps the open source application Ruby on Rails Tutorial Sample Application, which is a “reference implementation of the sample application from Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Web Development with Rails (6th Edition) by Michael Hartl.” The application was mapped with the appmap-ruby client and then uploaded to the AppLand sandbox using the appland-cli tool.

Want to explore the mapset generated from the example? Check it out here or explore other mapsets by going to

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